The West Point Insider Threat Program supports the extension of the current state of knowledge in the fields of insider risk and insider threat by supporting undergraduate, graduate, and post doctoral research.

Managing Insider Risk and Organizational Resilience (MIROR) journal. The MIROR journal is an editorial-reviewed online and print publication. MIROR shares original research that furthers both the proactive practices of insider risk management and promotion of holistic wellness and resilience in organizations.

Cadet Honors Theses:

  • William Johnson (2020): Creating a Web Crawling Program to Feed a Database of Department of Defense Insider Threat Incidents
  • Christopher Ploch (2021): A Surrogate Approach to Identifying Insider Threats
  • Ethan Koster (2022): Machine Learning & Computer Assisted Algorithms to Detect Insider Threat
  • Jungin Lee (2022): Insider Threat: Distinguishing Between Normal and Abnormal Transfers Within the Army and the Trends Associated with an Abnormal Transfer
  • Benjamin Wettstein (2023): Quantifying Insider Threats with NLP and Characterization Framework

2023 Insider Threat Internship team. Credit: U.S. Army / Christopher Hennen, USMA

Undergraduate Internships (Cadet Advanced Individual Academic Development):

  • Army Analytics Group Research Facilitation Lab (16)
  • Department of the Army G3/5/7 (5)
  • Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (4)
  • Headquarters, Insider Threat Hub (3)
  • Logistics Management Institute (3)
  • TRADOC Network Engagement Team (2)
  • Air Force Research Lab, A.X. Enterprize (2)

Graduate (1)

  • Mr. Javier Fernandez is a Rotary Scholar in the United Kingdom. He has been active as a research apprentice with the Army Cyber Institute and the West Point Insider Threat Program, through the Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) since fall 2022. Primarily, Mr. Fernandez is developing code to build a catalog of narratives and beliefs that facilitate the work of scholars and research practitioners in the DoD and beyond. In addition to developing the catalog, he has been assisting on a research project that is both presenting a new mixed-methods approach for identifying potential insider threat narratives online, as well as an analysis of how different fringe narratives use and/or discuss the military and military key terms.

Post Doctoral

  • Scholar joining the team in September 2023.