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Volume 1, Issue 1

Early Risk Assessment: Pushing “Left of Flash”

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The Mathematical Sciences Center (MSC) combines the theoretical richness of a diversified and highly talented military and civilian faculty with the academic curiosity and enthusiasm of a small group of cadets to extend the boundaries of mathematics and its applications beyond the prescribed limits of classroom activity.

The center provides opportunities to explore research that supports Army and Department of Defense programs.

MIROR Journal

The Managing Insider Risk & Organizational Resilience (MIROR) Journal is a scholarly Open Access journal published by the West Point Press, the publishing arm of the United States Military Academy, and produced by the Insider Threat Research Research Program at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the United States Military Academy.


From high-energy lasers and artificial intelligence to civil-military relations and ethics, this podcast goes beyond the textbook to give you a deeper understanding of the complex issues shaping the modern battlefield. Hear directly from the experts as they make even the most complex topics accessible to a broad audience.

Get inside access to West Point’s work and see how it’s being applied today.

Professional Commentary

Professional commentaries seeks to bring forward insight from leaders in the field and highlight recent developments, concerns, and bridge gaps between industry, government, and academia. A Professional Commentary includes references as embedded discussions in the text and no endnotes.

Insider threat is dangerous to organizations and their people, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

The Managing Insider Risk and Organizational Resilience (MIROR) journal is an editorial-reviewed online and print publication.

MIROR will share research, best operational practices, leadership perspectives, and reviews of relevant work that further both the proactive practices of insider risk management and promotion of holistic wellness and resilience in organizations.

Article types and submission. Submissions in the following categories are welcome: Professional Commentary; Original Research; Lessons Learned, Case Studies, Vignettes; and Book Review.

Original Research

Traditional research article with findings and results up to 5,000 words. Short articles (1,500 – 2,500 words) with preliminary findings, early results, or responses to current developments are considered as Research Notes. No need for a bibliography. The journal’s formatting style is the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, endnotes.

Lessons Learned, Case Studies, Vignettes

Experiences from practitioners and professionals close to the developments in the field. The article type is a feedback loop from the field back to the community.

A Lessons Learned, Case Studies, Vignettes article has needed references as embedded discussions in the text and no endnotes.

Book Review

Traditional academic book review with no endnote references.

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